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Seeking a Chairperson for the Board of Directors of the Pacific Pilotage Authority (PPA)

The PPA, located in Vancouver, BC, is currently seeking a part-time Chairperson. In addition to the roles and responsibilities of a Board Director, the Chairperson is also responsible for managing the development and effective performance of the Board of Directors. The Chair's primary role includes making sure the Board functions properly, meets its obligations and responsibilities as well as fulfills its mandate.

Pacific Pilotage Authority - overview
The PPA, headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia is responsible for the administration of pilotage on the west coast of Canada from Alaska in the north to Washington State in the south. This jurisdiction encompasses the entire British Columbia coast, extending approximately two nautical miles from every major point of land and includes portions of the Fraser River.

The PPA, governed by the Pilotage Act and regulations contracts with the British Columbia Coast Pilots Ltd., a corporation owned by highly trained and licensed pilots to provide services for the whole of the coast including all ports. A small group of pilots employed directly by the PPA provide pilotage in the Fraser River.
The PPA jurisdiction includes numerous stakeholders, including governments, first nations, NGOs, industry associations and the general public all balancing various mandates and interests.

Marine pilotage is all about safety as it serves to protect the environment and thus the interests of the Canadian people. We hold ourselves accountable to the Canadian public in this regard.

The opportunity is posted on the Government of Canada’s web site under the Governor in Council (GIC) appointments section:


We would request that all interested candidates follow the process as outlined on the GIC website.
Our Corporate Secretary, Mr. Bruce Chadwick, can be contacted at chadwick@ppa.gc.ca if additional information is required by a candidate.


Posted: November 9, 2018

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